Under the auspices of Al Arabia for Educational Development, Al Ittihad Private School (AIPS-Mamzar) was founded in 1975 by an initiative of a group of UAE nationals, who envisioned (AIPS-Mamzar)  as a leading educational institution in the Arab Gulf region that would meet the real needs of the community through the most modernized educational means in the world.

AIPS-Mamzar, an American Curriculum School, is proud of its conscious efforts to educate and develop the future generation of UAE so that it can cope with the challenges of the 21st Century, making sure that the youth are thoroughly grounded in Arab culture. The international, multicultural working environment of the faculty provides a valuable model for students and encourages recognition of other nations and their cultures so that they can learn to respect, and accept the differences among the people of the world.

Islamic faith plays a pivotal role in the lives of the AIPS-Mamzar community. Islam forms students’ moral awareness and therefore, plays a key role in the curriculum and the structure of the school. Girls and boys are strictly segregated from Grade 5 onwards. Therefore, the campus is divided into four distinct divisions: Kindergarten Section (Pre-KG, KG 1 to KG 2), Elementary Section ( Grade 1 to Grade 4),  and Middle High School (Grade 5 to Grade 12) Boys  and Girls Section.

The founders emphasis on preserving the cultural heritage and Islamic values, on preparing the students as independent 21st Century learners and global citizens, as well as engaging with and serving the community, have made AIPS-Mamzar unique. It vows to safeguard Emirati heritage. It is eager to hand over the responsibility to the young generation to continue upholding its legacy.

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