Our Vision


Al Ittihad Private School - (AIPS-Mamzar) students will:

  • Accept responsibility for their learning, decisions, and actions.

  • Develop the skills to become more self-directed learners.

  • Become actively engaged in and give their best efforts to academic and co-curricular pursuits.

  • Contribute to school and community service.

  • Conduct themselves in a way that contributes to a safe and orderly atmosphere.

  • Ensures the rights of others.


Our Mission

All students can learn. We establish high standards of learning that we expect all students to achieve and become 21st century learners.


Our Core Values

1. Quality - Having high standards and always doing our best.

2. Respect - Valuing ourselves and other people.

3. Responsibility - Trusting in ourselves and taking responsibility for our own learning, behavior and safety.

4. Safety - Keeping ourselves and other people safe and secure.

5. Collaboration - Being friends, caring for each other and working together.


Our Major Goals

  • To educate a generation to develop into exceptional leaders that can cope with the challenge of an ever-growing global world, while respecting their cultural and religious heritage.

  • To foster academic achievements, positive attitudes and values, growth of a strong self-image and respect for others through the dedicated efforts of professional staff and the curricula and extra-curricular programs offered by the school​.

  • To promote quality and equality.

  • To encourage the students to learn the skills necessary to function both as individuals and as members of a group.

  • To offer a variety of courses within the disciplines of math, science languages and humanities.

  • To recognize that each student has unique needs and abilities and to provide remedial programs when and where necessary.

  • To create a safe, warm, caring and respectful environment that provides a supportive climate for learning.

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