Registration and Entry Requirements

  1. Passing the school entrance exam in the core subjects (Arabic, English and Mathematics), see the Entrance Exam Materials.
  2. Passing the personal interview.
  3. Child's age will be considered for grade placement as per the M.O.E rules and regulations.
  4. The school has the right to reject a student's registration if he/she has failed to meet the academic and conduct standards set by the school.
  5. Submission of the following documents:
    • One passport size photograph.
    • Students original and photocopy of UAE I.D. Card.
    • Both parent's original and photocopy of UAE I.D. Card.
    • Students passport copy with valid residence visa for non-locals.
    • Photocopy of the birth certificate.
    • Copy of vaccination card.

Transferred Students from schools inside UAE:
From Dubai private schools:

  • The original student's final report card attested by the KHDA.
  • The Transfer certificate from the previous school will be provided online through KHDA system given that the student has paid all the due fees.

From other Emirates private schools and public schools:

  • The original students final report card and transfer certificate from the previous school attested by the Educational Zone of the relevant Emirates.

Transferred Students from school outside UAE:
The original student's final report card and the transferring certificate from his/her previous school must be attested in the country where the school is located in by the following.

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • UAE Embassy

6.The legal guardian needs to provide the authentic court documents verifying their legal guardianship.
7. Complete the registration form in full and sign.
8. Payment of (30%) from the school's annual tuition fees (registration and admission fees) deducted from tuition fees.
9. Sign the Parents - School Contract.

For Any Asssistance
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