by: Mr. Musab Al Hassuon - Boys Section Principal

Pillars of UAE National Agenda
Cohesive Society and Preserved Identity
Safe Public and Fair Judiciary
Competitive Knowledge Economy
First-Rate Education System
World-Class Healthcare
Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure

Education is a fundamental element for the development of a nation and the best investment in its youth.

The National Agenda aims for all schools, universities and students to be equipped with Smart systems and devices as a basis for all teaching methods, projects and research.

There will also be significant investments to promote and reinforce enrollment in preschools as this plays an important role in shaping children’s personalities and their future.

Furthermore, the National Agenda has set as a target that our students rank among the best in the world in reading, mathematics and science exams, and to have a strong knowledge of the Arabic language. Moreover, the Agenda will aim to elevate the rate of graduation from secondary schools to international standards and for all schools to have exceptional leadership and internationally accredited teaching staff.
AL Ittihad Private School - Al Mamzar prepares the students to set for MAP test (Measures of Academic Progress) and CAT4 test (Cognitive Abilities test fourth edition) to meet the national agenda requirements.