Why Choose IPS

An ideal combination of academic excellence and strong values makes  
Al Ittihad Private School (IPS-Mamzar) the right choice for your child.


The experience begins with academics.

Keeping their Islamic values, heritage, culture and traditions, close to their hearts, our students are provided solid grounding in Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies together with English, Math and Sciences. The curriculum is regularly reviewed to reflect the latest best practices in education.


We do not challenge the mind only, but we also nurture the soul.

Our Islamic studies curriculum is rich with emphasis on the study of Quraan.


Faculty and staff are cultivated, talented, and creative. 

Professional development is encouraged. Our well qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers provide the necessary support and care for each student so that he/she succeeds to their best ability.


We are committed to providing the best education we can to each of our students.

Support services staff and classroom teachers work with children of diverse learning styles and strengths by fostering an environment that meets a wide range of needs. The social development and growing self-esteem of each child is as important as academic growth, teamwork and cooperation are valued and modeled at each grade level.


The visual and performing arts are vital components of our educational program.

Music and art are integrated into class activities and showcased at milestone events.


There is so much more! Come for a visit.

Talk to our families. Our children are engaged in learning, our teachers take pleasure in teaching, and our families take pride in the growth and achievements of their children.


Great facilities

Safety and security of our students are the top Priority at AIPS-Mamzar. Our grounds are huge and the buildings are purpose built. We have well equipped classrooms, indoor and outdoor gyms, playing areas, science and computer laboratories, libraries, and a big multi-purpose hall.


A strong track record of success

Our students undergo standardized tests and regularly appear on the Dean's list of excellent students in the public and private colleges they attend.
Our physical education program
Aside from a vigorous physical education curriculum, we have our own Soccer Academy, Taekwando Academy and our Basketball Academy.


A strong partnership with parents

We value parents as partners in the educational process and we welcome them as members of our school community. We have established a Parent-Teacher Council and we always encourage parents to join it and get involved in our school activities. At IPS-Mamzar, parents, teachers, and staff work together to ensure that the students get the best educational experience.



We are accredited by the (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) NEASC and (Council of International Schools) CIS, the oldest and most prestigious regional accreditation organizations, internationally recognized for its excellence.



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