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Al Ittihad Private School Al Mamzar’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities department adheres to all provisions, guidelines, and expectations found in the “General Rules for the Provision of Special Education Programs and Services (Public & Private Schools)”, UAE Federal Law No. (29) 2006, and Law No. (2) 2014. In addition, our admissions policy for students with Inclusion has been developed in accordance with the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and with international best practice such as IDEA guidelines and regulations.
We believe we must accommodate all learners, by removing barriers that restrict the achievement and educational experience of students with Special Needs. Our policy is inclusive and we adhere to the ‘Social model’ of disability found in the Dubai School Inspection supplement. Ittihad Private School is committed to implementing systematic procedures that will remove any obstacle that may impose educational and social exclusion for any student. We will focus our efforts on enhancing student achievement, ensuring the acquisition of 21st century skills, and improving post-secondary outcomes so students will be prepared to contribute to a global society.
Targeted areas for services and supports include supplementary instructional materials, curriculum access and common core alignment, family engagement, least restrictive environment, positive behavior supports, and transition. Additional services include ensuring compliance with the UAE Special Education provisions, collecting and analyzing data on educational services and outcomes, providing guidance and initiating collaborative efforts between all staff, parents, and stakeholders.





Inclusive education means that all students have the right to be educated to the extent possible with their age-appropriate peers who do not necessarily have disabilities in the general education setting of their neighborhood school with support provided. Inclusive education is not intended to limit the participation of students with special needs to regular education programs and services. Rather, inclusive education means that students with special needs have the opportunity to participate in educational programs and services in the least restrictive environment that is commensurate with their individual strengths and needs.
“General Rules for the Provision” .

Mr. Sulaiman Akbar : Vice Principal / Inclusion Champion
Mr. Walid Obeidat : Head of Inclusion
Ms. Tanveer Fatima: English LST
Ms. Amita Nambiar: English LST
Ms. Hebah Ibrahim Hassan: Math LST
Ms. Sineena Ali: Math/Science LST
Ms. Mai Ahmed: Science LST
Ms. Omnia Ismail: Arabic SOD Teacher
Ms. Maha Al Shiwi: Arabic SOD Teacher
Ms. Rubab Raza: English LSA
Ms. Haifaa Oweis: School Psychologist
Ms. Hazal Abay: Social Worker


Inclusion Vision

A high performing inclusive academic environment where all learners, regardless of their differences and/or individual needs, are supported, accommodated, challenged, and developed into contributors of a global society.

Inclusion Mission

With a caring culture of trust and collaboration, the Inclusion department will remove all barriers that restrict students from academic achievement and a high quality individualized education, while ensuring inclusion, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills for all 21st century learners.



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