IPS-Mamzar curriculum encompasses all aspects of student development: physical, social, emotional, and ntellectual, from Pre-KG up to Grade 12. It enhances learning, promotes challenges and progression, and includes creative experiences and cross-curricular activities. The school focuses on student learning outcomes and the development of life-long learning skills. The focus of the curriculum on skills provides opportunities for students to master the processes of interpreting, group collaboration, synthesizing, self-assessment, and problem-solving; all of which provide options and challenges for all students. The Islamic culture, wholistic wellbeing, social responsibility, and innovation are embedded in the curriculum and accompanying activities are designed to enhance student learning and contribute to their development as global citizens.


Curriculum Information:
IPS- Mamzar Curriculum is aligned to CCSS (California) for English, Math, Humanities, Art, and ICT. NGSS for Science and the MOE for Arabic, Islamic, Social Studies, and Moral Education . The curriculum design and progression ensures students' smooth transition between grades levels and between phases. It also aligns with the vision and mission of all four Ittihad Private Schools which aspire to equip the future generation with the knowledge and skills that enable them to combat the challenges of the modern world, while preserving their Emirati culture and heritage. The primary aim of the school curriculum is to impart quality education, enhance student learning and achievement, and fosters students' innovative, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. In IPS, we strive to offer our high school students course choices that prepare them for college and career and match their career preferences, interests and aspirations.



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